Long Haired Persian Kittens – Grooming Tips

Persian cats are gorgeous and expensive. Grooming long haired persian kittens isn’t an easy task as kittens are playful and grooming becomes tougher to handle.

First off, know that Persian cats are a royal breed and they are extremely sensitive and cannot withstand harsh weather. They have two layers of silky coats that is designed for indoor stay. The outside world bears many hardships for these fragile kitties.

The inner coat of fur is denser and shorter, while the outer is longer, but both coats are super smooth and silky. Persian kittens with rough or dull coats portray a sign of bad health or poor nutrition.

Grooming accessories require a stainless steel wide tooth comb, a cat grooming brush and a nail clipper. You can also buy pet specific shampoos and conditioners if required.

Groom your Persian cats at home every month as getting professional help is not easy for these sensitive balls of fur and regular cleaning ensures that their fur doesn’t get stained or matted. Grooming is specially necessary to avoid fleas, ticks and other parasites in their long fur.